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Educational Services

The Education Services department is the clearinghouse for the district’s educational services and programs. There are three Directors responsible for administering various districtwide programs. Services and programs for which the directors are responsible are delineated below or by viewing the Educational Services Organizational Chart.

Brandon Swain
Director of Education Services, Area 4

The Director for Curriculum and Instruction, Rommy Cronin, 782-7170, is responsible for the implementation of competencies and standards and the development of curriculum documents. Rommy is also the Title III Director and oversees the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. She is also responsible for the professional development of the district's teaching and administrative staff. She provides supervision for the Elementary Reading Specialist Program, the Gifted and Talented Program, the School Library Program, Educational Technology program, the Elementary Science Resource Center, and the Human Sexuality and Family Life Program.

The Director of Assessments, Grants, and Special Programs, Brian Frazier, 782-5160, is responsible for the development and the monitoring of various local, state, and federal grants. Such grants support district programs such as the Title I Extended-Day Kindergarten Program, School Improvement Programs, and the Carl Perkins Vocational Program. As the director he is also responsible for the district’s assessment system that includes performance assessments, Achievement Level Tests (ALT)/Measure of Academic Progress (MAP), and state assessments including the High School Proficiency Examinations (HSPE) and Criterion Referenced Tests (CRT). Mr. Brian Frazier also administers the district’s alternative education programs that include Jacobsen High School as well as the district’s Gifted and Talented Program.

The Director for Special Services, Jacque Matteoni, 265-5262, is responsible for the administration of the Individual with Disabilities Act (IDEA), Section 504, District Counseling Services, District Nursing Services, and the Home School Program. As the director she is also responsible for the district’s psychological services, as well as other specialized services.

Education Services administers the district’s accountability program, district safety program, adult education program (GED), and the parent involvement program.

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