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  Board Policy   Administrative Regulation
201BP Curriculum Development - Instructional Technology   201AR  Curriculum Development-Instructional Technology  
202BP Instructional Framework 202AR  Combination Classes - Grades Kindergarten-Six
203BP Supplemental Materials   203AR  Disposal of Discontinued Instructional Material  
204BP Instructional Supplies    
205BP Guidance and Counseling      
207BP Programs For Students With Disabilities    
207ABP  207AAR Service Animals
208BP Compensatory Education   208AR  Allocation of Resources for Comparability  
209BP Homebound Instruction   209AR  Homebound Instruction  
210BP Controversial Issues      
210ABP Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs 210AAR  Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs
211BP  Human Development Program    
212BP  Career and Technical Education    
213BP  Credit by Examination    
214BP 214AR Homework
215BP  Instructional Study Trips 215AR  Instructional Study Trips
216BP   Extracurricular Activities   216AR Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities Participation
    216(a)AR Athletic, Extracurricular, Co-Curricular and Club Activity Travel and Per Diem Travel
    216(b)AR   Home Schooling Student participation in Extracurricular Activities and Use of Facilities, Equipment and Instructional Supplies
217BP Adult Education    
218BP Evaluation of Educational Program    
219BP   Selection of Textbooks and Other  Instructional Materials 219(a)AR Use of Commercial Films/Videotapes
    219(b)AR Challenges and/or Objections to Textbooks/Instructional Materials
     219(c)AR Selection of Library Books, Materials and Periodicals
    219(d)AR  Materials Selection and Adoption Process  
220BP  Computer Software Copyright Policy    
221BP    Curriculum and Competencies   221(b)AR Development of New Courses
    221(c)AR Competency-Related Textbook and Materials Selection & Purchases
    221(e)AR Curriculum Development and Review
     221(f)AR Allocation of Resources
222BP    Assessment of Student Progress   222AR Assessment of Student Progress
     222(a)AR Competency Appeal Procedure
    222(b)AR Practices for Setting Achievement Level Test (ALT Target and Achievement Level Test Exit Scores)
223BP  Site Accountability Committees 223AR Shared Decision Making
224BP  Program Assessment 224AR Program Assessment
225BP Information Technology   225AR Information Technology  
226BP  Parent and Family Involvement


Distribution of Materials in Peechees 
Douglas County School District Facebook Page
Parent and Family Involvement - Title 1A

227BP  Methods for Reportings Use of Aversive  Interventions and Physical and Mechanical Restraints on Students with Disabilities  227AR Method For Reporting Use of Aversive Interventions and Physical and Mechanical Restraints on Students With Disabilities
228BP Fine Arts Education 228AR Fine Arts Education
229BP Advanced Placement Classes 229AR Advanced Placement
230BP Wellness   230AR Wellness
   230(a)AR Wellness -Air Quality
231BP Student Health and Safety 231AR  Student Health and Safety
232BP Gifted and Talented Program  232AR  Gifted and Talented Program
233BP Full Day Kindergarten    
234BP Digital Citizenship    
235BP  English Learners    

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