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Foreign language competence will progress from basic concepts integrated into the existing curriculum, followed by conversational skills within that language, to knowledge and use of the construction of the language. Second language proficiency should emphasize application toward real life language uses and needs.

Elementary Level

Focus on auditory and oral expression
Limited writing and reading
Conversational emphasis based upon concepts such as shapes, colors, days of the week, numbers, please and thank-you, months, calendar, weather, community, family, school, pets, land and regions, etc.

Grades 4-6

Introduction of reading and writing in the second language
Study of gender and conjugation

Middle and High School Levels

Conversational emphasis on expressing ideas, opinions, feelings, the culture and country
Formalized instruction in grammar and language construction

At Exit Level

A. Students will demonstrate competency in understanding a second language through listening including:

B. Students will demonstrate competency in reading a second language by:

C. Students will demonstrate competency in writing a second language by:

D. Students will demonstrate competency in speaking a second language by:

Exit Level

Students may choose to become proficient at the conversational level in several languages.

Language Competency FlowCharts

Spanish 6th Grade Rubric

Students progressing in one language past the conversational level must meet the exit learning goals in reading, writing, speaking and listening -- based on ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Proficiency Level Guidelines.

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