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Technology skills need to be basic to gain employment and use daily information. Student learning goals are technology skills which assist students in:

Accessing Information and Developing Research Skills.
Completing a Task.
Producing Information.

Chart of Assigned Competency Objectives by Course and Grade

A. Students will demonstrate competency at the elementary level in specific technologies connected to real uses of information including, but not limited to:

         Use of calculators
         Data base
         Word processing
         Accessing a library system

B. Elementary technology skills should move beyond the computer as a tool for skill practice or publication tool, etc. 2. Students will demonstrate competency at the middle school level in specific technologies applied in the CORE subjects and unit designs including, but not limited to:

C. Students will demonstrate competency at the high school level in specific technologies which emphasize career path application including, but not limited to:

DCSD Technology Rubrics

Exit Level

Other academic competencies should employ the use of technology. Example: One communication competency is: read to perform a task. Loading software and using it in a demonstration could meet this competency. At exit, all students should be required to include the use of three current technologies in a final senior project






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