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Radon Testing Protocol

Click here to review the DCSD Protocol established in keeping with EPA guidelines for testing radon at all DCSD sites.


 In keeping with District Protocol established for testing radon in our school sites, annual winter testing was performed in December 2010.  The sites tested during this period included:

1.     GWHS (Entire site)

2.     ZCES (a random selection of rooms to ensure levels remain below 4.0 pCi/L)

3.     PWL (two rooms that previously reported elevated levels)

4.     GES (two rooms that previously reported elevated levels)

5.     CVMS (two rooms that previously reported elevated levels)


By clicking the links above for each site, you can see each area tested, and the available test results.


The only site now reporting slightly elevated areas is GWHS, and the rooms reporting these areas are non-student use rooms that simply require additional HVAC adjustments and retesting.  As retesting is performed, the results will be posted.

For additional information, please contact Gina Bartels in the Business Services Office at 775-782-5131, x1609.



 After testing at GWHS in March 2010 returned elevated radon results in 7 rooms (as reported above), DCSD Maintenance staff performed the following actions over the summer break:

  • Library, Library Office and Library Conference Room:  Adjusted HVAC Damper Control settings to increase fresh air being drawn into the room.
  • Coaches Office:  The new HVAC system only slightly impacted this room.  As the room currently does not have a return air vent source, DCSD Maintenance staff will be installing a return air system, and will retest once complete.
  • Copier Room:  Retested.
  • Kiln Room:  Increased minimum fresh air setting.
  • Room 18 Office (Drama): Installed Sub-Slab Depressurization Mitigation System.

In keeping with DCSD Protocol, these areas have now been re-tested (October 11 – November 3, 2010).  The testing was performed using a Continuous Radon Monitor, and the testing periods at each area were a two-day process.  These tests have returned the following results:


Result (pCi/L)

Future Mitigation Steps



None Needed

Library Office


None Needed

Library Conference Room


None Needed

Coaches Office


Install Return Air System / Re-test with annual schedule (Est. for December 2010)

Copier Room


None Needed

Kiln Room


Increase Fresh Air Setting / Re-test with annual schedule (Est. for December 2010)

Room 18 Office (Drama)


None Needed

Once the two areas above needing additional mitigation are complete, they will be re-tested annually in keeping with DCSD Protocol to ensure mitigation techniques implemented remain successful.  Future retesting results will be posted on the District’s website.

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