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2012-2013 Radon Testing Results

Following District Protocol regarding radon testing for DCSD school buildings, the Buildings and Maintenance Department deployed radon testing kits at specific DCSD sites to determine radon levels in a random selection of rooms, or in rooms that had previously had high test results and have since been mitigated.

The three school sites requiring testing this year were Gardnerville Elementary School, Carson Valley Middle School, and George Whittell High School.

As Gardnerville Elementary School had a major renovation/addition during the last year, the majority of the school was tested to establish a revised baseline affected by construction.

For individual site results, please click the link for the appropriate site below.

Carson Valley Middle School

Gardnerville Elementary School

George Whittell High School

For areas that had results higher than 4.0 pci/L, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system adjustments are being made.  Once those are complete,those rooms will be retested. 

April 2013:


After HVAC modifications were made at Room 24, the room still showed elevated levels.  At this time, this room is being removed from use until further mitigation can be implemented, and the class that previously inhabited that room has been moved to a room with low results.  When mitigation has taken place and the room has been retested, those results will be updated.

Update May 6, 2013: Room 24 had airflows adjusted to increase fresh air flow.  Another test was performed on May 1, 2013.  The results now show a reading of 3.8 pc/l.


Minor modifications were made to the HVAC systems in the rooms that showed elevated results in the January Test.  Retesting was performed in March, and all rooms were brought into compliance, as the report below shows:

Gardnerville Elementary School


After HVAC modifications to the Kiln room, the new result for this room is now returning a test result of 0.8.  However, the Coaches Office is going to require further mitigation, and will be retested.  When those results are available, they will be posted. 


Should you have any questions, please contact Gary Cullen, Buildings and Maintenance Supervisor at 775-782-8140.

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