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All you wanted to know about purchasing school lunches can be as easy as 1–2–3

Parents may choose to send lunch money daily but you may want to take advantage of our convenient prepayment options. Prepaying into a student’s cafeteria account offers a worry-free way to make sure your child will have something nutritious to eat each day.
You may prepay for any number of lunches, breakfasts, and/or snacks. For your convenience, preprinted payment envelopes are available.
Students may turn in the prepayment envelope to the cashier during lunch or breakfast or to the kitchen staff at any time during the day. In elementary schools, the teachers often collect the money and send it to the kitchen.
At our middle and high schools we require use of the preprinted lunch money envelopes when prepayments are made. Students or parents must complete the information on the outside of this envelope and submit their prepayments in this. The envelope serves as payment verification.
Parents can direct prepayments by indicating on the payment envelope (or on the payment check) where the money is to go. The following prepayment options are available.
1.  Prepaid Lunches (i.e. lunches only)
2.  Prepaid Breakfasts (i.e. breakfasts only) or 
3.  “General Account” prepayment
If “Lunch or Breakfast Only” is selected, students may only purchase these meals – no snack or Á la Carte purchases can be made.
If “General Account” (or Snack) is selected, students may purchase meals and/or snack items.

If no direction from the parent is noted on the envelope or communicated to us on a check or note, we will direct the prepayment to the student’s General Account.

Can my child charge lunches at school?

It is the policy of Douglas County School District that charging of meals or snacks is not allowed. Please make sure your children are sent to school with either a lunch from home or money to purchase a lunch at school. Though we have this policy and do not allow lunches or snacks to be charged, we will let no child go hungry. If a child comes to school without a lunch or lunch money, they only need to tell the cashier or any “lunch lady”. We will give the student, at no charge, a healthy and filling complementary “meal” consisting of all they can eat of the fruits and vegetables of the day. To help remind the elementary school students that their lunch account is low, we send home a preprinted envelope when their lunch account reaches 3 lunches. We do not send the envelopes home with the older students but they may ask at any time for their account balance.



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