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Bus Rules of Conduct

The bus driver’s main job is to drive the bus safely, the students can help keep down distractions by following the school bus rules. 

1. The driver is in complete charge of the passengers that he/she is transporting.
2. Students are to remain seated, facing forward, and hands to themselves at all times while the bus is in motion.
 3. Students are to be at the bus stop 5 minutes early, board and exit the bus in a safe manner, and follow the driver's direction before crossing.
4. No loud or profane language. Students must observe “Quiet Time” when the driver feels it is necessary.

 5. Each student is to have one assigned pick-up and drop-off stop.  A note is required from a Parent/Guardian or the school office for any stop deviation.

6. Fighting, violence of any kind, or harassment of others could result in suspension of riding privileges to all parties involved.
 7. Skateboards, large objects, student speakers/audio players (except those used with earphones), live animals, tobacco products to include vape pens, matches, lighters, laser pointers, scooters, or anything that could be considered a weapon or anything that could be potentially hazardous material will not be allowed at any time. Sports equipment must be enclosed in a bag.
8. Do not throw anything at the bus, on the bus, or out of the windows.
9. No eating or drinking on the bus.
10. Keep arms, legs and body out of the aisle at all times when sitting.
11. Students shall use the emergency door only in case of emergency.
12. Smoking, vaping, or any lighting of matches, lighters or other combustible materials will result in suspension.
13. Students may be assigned seats by the bus driver.
14. Students shall not extend their hands, arms, or heads out of bus windows.
15. Students shall keep the bus clean, and must refrain from damaging the bus. Damage may result in being billed for costs or suspension.
16. When necessary to cross the road, students shall cross in front of the bus at the bus driver's signal.
17. Students shall be courteous to the driver, to fellow students, passers-by.

 18. Students who refuse to obey the directions of the driver, or refuse to obey regulations may forfeit their privilege to ride on the buses.

Buses may be equipped with video surveillance equipment and surveillance is possible at any time the bus is in use. Buses will be clearly marked so those students know that there is a possibility that a camera is in use. The District maintains the right to carry out discipline procedures whether or not a video surveillance was used to document the behavior or event. Disciplinary actions will be in accordance with the progressive disciplinary plan of the school/District. The rules outlined above are subject to change, if necessary, to keep Transportation School District policies in compliance with State and Federal laws and with rules/regulations of the Douglas County School District.


Danger Zones

School Bus Danger Zone

The Danger Zones are areas on all sides of the bus where children are in the most danger of being hit. Children should stay 15 feet away from the bus or as far away as they can and never go behind the bus. Students should take 10 giant steps in front of the bus before crossing so the driver can see them.

Children should wait for a signal from the driver to cross in front of the bus. The driver will check to make sure that all traffic has stopped, and the red lights are flashing before signaling students to cross. If the students drop something under or near the vehicle, they must tell the driver, NEVER stop and try to pick it up.

Parents can help, too!
The safety of our students is the top priority for all of us. Currently the factor that contributes to the most injuries and death of students in the United States is the passing of school buses while students are loading or unloading. Please help to combat this.


Safety Rules

1. If a school bus is stopped on a street without a physical barrier dividing directional traffic, you must stop in both directions when the bus has its red lights flashing (this includes school zones).
2. If a bus is stopped on a street with a physical barrier dividing directional traffic, you must stop if you are traveling in the same direction as the bus.
3. You must not proceed until the school bus’s red lights are off and the bus resumes motion.
4. Please remember that while traveling in a School Zone you must obey the posted speed limit.

Snow Day / Inclement Weather Information

The Transportation Department always considers student safety ahead of time schedules, so please bear with us on snow days. When the highways require snow tires, our buses are required to chain-up and therefore move much slower (25mph maximum speed).

The decision as to whether or not there will be school is made by 6:00 A.M. By 6:30AM, our website's main page will display snow day decisions.  Click the links below for a printable version of important snow day information:

Lake Schools Snow Day Information Spotlight

 Attention Lake ParentsThe DCSD Lake bus route will no longer service the Tramway and Bonnie Court stop. Students who were picked up from that stop in the past will be picked up at Tina and Ski Court.

Valley Schools Snow Day Information

For Radio information, please tune in to KBUL 98.1 FM or KCMY 99.1 FM.

Television stations KRNV Channel 4, KOLO Channel 8 and KTVN Channel 2 will broadcast snow day information.

These stations will broadcast either a one-hour delay or school closures.  There will be two separate decisions, one for the Lake schools and one for the Valley schools.

No radio contact means there will be school as usual with the buses running as close to schedule as possible.

If you require further information on snow days, please call our office.


Stop Deviations

Students who need to deviate from the regular route or stop need a note from a Parent or Guardian or a stop deviation slip from the school office in order to receive transportation to an alternate stop or bus route.

Students who wish to ride an alternate bus route for special events (such as Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts) must have permission from their parents on file and must first verify that there is available seating on the route, in order to accommodate them.


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