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Meals for DNO Students

Students enrolled in Douglas Nevada Online are still eligible to receive school meals, both breakfast and lunch. 

Are All Meals Free for DNO Students? - Yes, all DCSD students are eligible for one free breakfast and lunch meal each day through the end of the 21/22 school year. 

How Will Meal Service Work? - These meals will be served from DCSD school sites in a drive through/walk up manner on Mondays and Wednesdays. These meals will be available for pick up from the following DCSD sites ONLY: PWLMS, GES, JVES, MES, PHES, & ZCES. If Monday is a school holiday, then pick-up will be moved to Tuesday.

Our kitchen staff are working hard to serve the students on campus and are very busy. To ensure meals are made and available for you to pick up, we ask that you fill out the following online form by Sunday night of that week. DNO Meal Sign Up . You can fill out one form for the whole week. Please pay attention to school calendars for days schools are closed, we cannot provide meals on days there is no school for students. 

Meal Pick Up - Meals can be picked up on Mondays and Wednesdays. Monday will include meals for Monday & Tuesday. Wednesday will include meals for Weds-Friday. The window for meal pick up will be from 9:45 am to 10 am at the sites listed above. We are designing curb-side pick up so that you will not be entering the school site. You will look for the signage at each site for where to pick up the meals. 

Menus/Options Available - We do not have a designated menu for these to-go meals. Each site has been given guidance to try and serve options from the current or previous days menu to be able to provide ready to heat foods. Sometimes they will have sandwiches or salads as well. Check out the menu for the site you will be picking up your meals. Our menus are posted online and on our Facebook Page. 

Example: If you want meals for your student the week of August 16th, you would fill out the online DNO Meal Sign Up form by Sunday night 8/15. You will go to one of the site you have designated for pick-up: PWLMS, GES, JVES, MES, PHES, or ZCES between 9:45 am and 10 am, tell the school nutrition staff your students name and student ID number. In order for us to properly count this meals we need your student's ID number. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback please call the School Nutrition Office  at 775-782-7613.